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I’ve been there, I get it. I have been the powerless birthing partner and then the anxious pregnant lady.


When I was pregnant a few friends, but mostly strangers, leapt up to say "You MUST do Hypnobirthing!" Have you had the same?

Even though we had no clue what it was people said it with such conviction we went ahead and booked with the wonderful doula and hypnobirthing instructor, Jane Wallington.  

Quite simply, hypnobirthing completely transformed my anxieties and I was amazed to discover that it wasn't just about learning how to stay calm through labour; it also taught us how our bodies and minds work so we were able to confidently make decisions on the day. It was so empowering! And now I have had two pain-free, drug-free births.

This is why I became such an advocate of The Wise Hippo birthing programme and became an instructor to help you achieve a birth you can feel proud of too. An experience everyone deserves.

Just get in touch to find out more and if you’re interested take a look at our 2017 birth story here.


Hi I'm Nicki, 
your Birth Coach   
in Letchworth 


Nicki is such an amazing person and teacher.  She really made me feel like I could achieve anything and my body knew exactly what it was doing.


I used her breathing techniques to get me through my 27 hour labour and 8 of those were in peaceful silence where I actually fell asleep!

Lydia (March 2020)


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~ Giving birth should be your greatest achievement, not your greatest fear ~ 


—  Jane Weideman